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Examining the latest HR technology trends in 2014

hr technologyWith less than a month until the one and only HR Technology Conference and Expo, it behooves us to discuss some of the key trends in — you guessed it — HR technology. These trends are not exactly new, in and of themselves – but even in 2014, innovative changes are coming that are slightly reshaping the way companies go about managing HR. The cloud and the mobile device weren’t born yesterday, but that doesn’t mean companies can’t continue to find new ways to optimize what they do.

Towers Watson recently investigated the latest and greatest trends in HR technology, in particular highlighting the new innovations that have hit the scene this year. The organization explained in its “2014 HR Service Delivery and Technology Survey” report that companies are looking to make a number of sweeping changes to their HR tech infrastructures this year. Among those developments are smarter investments, more balanced use of technology and more effective management of major changes.
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The cloud is poised to transform human capital management

cloud computingAt the cutting edge of HR, progressive companies are always looking for ways to upgrade their high-tech resources and get ahead of their competitors. This has always been the case – the most forward-thinking businesses are always looking for new ways to mechanize their human capital management procedures.

In the 1990s, it was the arrival of the World Wide Web and everything it has to offer. In the 2000s, there was an explosion of new resources like text messaging and social networking. In both of these cases, companies raced to adopt the new technologies first, hoping it would help them get a leg up on rival businesses.

Now, though? The big thing is the cloud. With the capability to put their data online for easy storage and access, companies have the ability to achieve more than ever before.
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5 management mistakes that could derail your office’s productivity

employee productivityWhile some challenges in human resources tend to come and go from week to week, one responsibility that never goes away is that of continually maintaining good levels of employee retention and productivity. You always want to keep your workforce present, engaged and working hard. That isn’t going to change.

Unfortunately, though, you’re always walking on thin ice as a manager or as an HR rep. While your teams might seem productive at this very moment, it often doesn’t take much to lead them astray, and even the slightest mistake might have the effect of turning people off and causing them to zone out.
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7 tips to help you rock open enrollment this year

enrollmentThe season of open enrollment is upon us, and it is HR’s time to shine. As employees’ main source for health insurance information — and with the changes brought by the Affordable Care Act — open enrollment planning has never been more important. To find out what strategies lead to a successful open enrollment, we went straight to the experts themselves, our customers!  Here’s what they had to say.

Do you have any tips for ensuring a successful open enrollment? Tell us about it!
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5 key ‘needs’ that are crucial to employee motivation

employee motivationBefore you can truly guarantee employee retention and productivity, you first need to understand the employee as a human being. What makes them tick? What are their tendencies? Their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes? It should go without saying in “human” resources, but the most important thing you can do is assess how your workers function as human beings. What are they all about?

According to TLNT, the most important thing to understand in HR is the employees’ needs. If people feel like their needs are being met, they’re far more likely to remain engaged with their jobs and motivated to work hard. If they don’t, the opposite can happen, and they may begin to look for opportunities elsewhere.
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5 key warning signs to watch out for when monitoring mental wellness

mental wellnessIt’s important to note that when looking out for corporate health and wellness, HR offices have a lot of different angles to consider. Contrary to popular belief, wellness is by no means limited to just the physical aspects – as it turns out, there are many other types of health that prove equally important. If you’re making sure your employees eat right and steer clear of disease, that’s great, but your job is far from finished.

Aspects of mental health are equally important. In order to maintain a productive workforce, you need to assure that on a consistent basis, your employees are in the right frame of mind so that they can remain engaged and focused at work. Depending on the particular staff members, this might be easy or it might be confoundingly difficult.
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