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3 innovative strategies for keeping your workforce motivated

Employee motivationWhile all HR leaders agree that a vital aspect of their strategy should be to ensure employee retention and productivity, they sometimes disagree on how to do it. Some in HR believe the best way to elevate productivity is to focus on individual employees, one at a time – if one person is feeling a bit discouraged, then prop them up and help empower them to do better. Sadly, though, this approach often fails when managing HR for a big company with too many employees all veering off in their own directions.

Therefore, the superior approach in some situations might be to focus on a better overall strategy for employee motivation. What gets the entire crowd of workers invigorated and ready to perform at a high level? If you’re managing talent for a big company, you may need to come at it from this angle.
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5 HR professionals share their definition of a healthy workplace

wellness3Research continues to show that healthy people working in a healthy environment are key to business success. This is because a healthy workplace boasts numerous benefits such as higher retention rates, increased employee productivity, decreased absenteeism and higher customer satisfaction. But what makes a work environment healthy? The answer to this question greatly depends on what one’s definition of healthy is. For example, Sarah believes that healthy means having a fit body. Dave thinks healthy means having a fit mind. Therefore, Sarah may feel that an office with access to a free gym is a healthy workplace, while Dave believes a healthy workplace should provide counseling for mental health-related issues. The definition of health varies wildly, so we sought the help of our customers and asked them to share their definition of a healthy workplace!
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Effective management of virtual teams requires good leadership training

virtual employeesWhile all modes of workplaces have an interesting in maintaining high levels of employee retention and productivity, this can become especially challenging in situations where numerous workers are remote and their managers are stationed in-house. When your team ceases to be a real, physical one and evolves into a geographically scattered “virtual” team, it can be exceedingly difficult for managers to continue nurturing talent effectively, getting the best out of everyone.

For this reason, it might be time for companies to begin training their managers specifically for the process of managing remote employees. Some aspects of the job are common sense, easily adaptable from a manager’s existing style, but others are a little more nuanced, and they can’t be mastered through intuition alone.
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3 ways the workforce might look different in the year 2022

Future of workFor most professionals on the daily grind of human capital management, the job is one largely focused on the here and now. There are usually a lot of employees under their watch who need to see their paychecks and benefits processed immediately, and this routine is continuous with no vacations. There is rarely an opportunity look ahead and speculate about what the future holds.

Then again, it can be interesting to think about what comes next. The world is rapidly evolving – technologically, socially, economically and more – and it’s fascinating to speculate about how the workforce might function differently five or maybe 10 years from now.
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In any workplace, sleep deficiency is a productivity killer

sleep healthby Estelle Morrison, Ceridian LifeWorks Vice President of Clinical and Wellness Services

Typically, when talent leaders think about the different aspects of health affecting their employees,  they often consider the more commonly targeted lifestyle concerns – diet and exercise. They often assume that if their employees are eating well and staying active physically, the positive effects on their physical health will trickle down to their engagement and productivity and work.

All of the above is true. But there’s a third angle they may not be considering – sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is a fundamental part of being a healthy human being, and it’s one that has a major impact in any workplace, large or small.
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4 ways to create a long-lasting culture of motivated employees

engagementEvery HR professional dreams of fostering a work environment where high levels of employee engagement and productivity are the norm. Unfortunately, though, they often find that making this happen is easier said than done. How do you take an entire workforce – especially a large one – and empower everyone at once?

HR experts are trying a lot of strategies, and they aren’t necessarily working. Offering a reward for the “employee of the month,” for instance, sounds promising. Except here’s the problem – only one person can win it! You’re still left with the majority of the staff spinning their wheels in the mud. What about holding a pizza party? That’s a great idea for one lunch hour, but then it’s forgotten the next day when the pies are digested and there’s still work to do.
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