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5 ways to better look out for your employees’ well-being

employee wellnessAt numerous places of business today, there’s an understanding among HR professionals that ensuring corporate health and wellness is about more than just making sure people diet, exercise and keep themselves free of disease. Being healthy is about more than just the obvious elements on the surface – there are other pieces of the puzzle that may also prove important. HR now doesn’t focus just on wellness – they focus on overall well-being.

What’s the difference, you might ask? There are a few, it turns out. The simplest way to explain the concept is that well-being isn’t necessarily tied to specific health factors that are plainly evident. It’s not always obvious to see, but well-being is a state of being happy with your situation, comfortable and in the right position to succeed.
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Use the Dayforce Technology to Spend More Time Taking Care of Customers (A Memo to Foodtown Employees)

FoodtownNoah Katz, co-president of PSK Supermarkets, has given Ceridian permission to share a series of memos he’s addressing and sending to his staff. In these memos, Katz discusses the many benefits and efficiencies that Dayforce HCM brings to the work of his grocery stores’ managers and associates.

Attention All Store Managers:

You’ve heard me say this before, and I’ll say it again: You have an extremely complicated job. There are so many things you need to do, in managing your supermarkets. Your responsibilities include paperwork, policy control, management of existing staff and new hires, receiving goods, keeping the store clean and well-stocked, and—most of all—taking care of your customers. Any system we can find that frees you up to spend less time on paperwork and more time on the sales floor has got to be one of our objectives. The Dayforce system that you now have at your stores certainly accomplishes that.
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4 tips for an appropriate yet fun Halloween celebration in the workplace


For the most part, effective human capital management is a matter of consistency – getting people to come into work each day and perform their role with the same high level of engagement. Occasionally, though, you’ll have opportunities to break from tradition and make a day at the office a bit more fun. Sometimes, a quick change of pace is just what you need to boost engagement.

Halloween is one of those times. Your employees work hard year-round, and they like having a few dates on the calendar each year where they can relax, let loose a little bit and celebrate. Oct. 31 is one of the best of them – it’s a time for costumes, candy and a generally festive atmosphere all around.
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Volunteering Is Good For Both The Soul & The Business

CSRThere is very little debate that in today’s world we are pressed for time more than ever.  Not only are we are asked to do more with less at work, we also have commuting times to and from the office, and family obligations that erode that precious commodity we value the most: our time.  Against this backdrop, I am asking my colleagues in HR to find time to mentor or volunteer.

‘Wait, what?  You just referenced three of the most demanding asks of my time and you want me to use whatever free time I have to volunteer and or mentor!?!’

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12 Keys to a Stellar Cloud HCM Implementation – Are you ready?

cloud4Adoption of cloud HR systems is on the rise. Data from the 17th annual Sierra-Cedar HR survey shows that by next year, the number of organizations running cloud systems for core HR will overtake those using other licensed systems, either on-premise or hosted.

If you’re looking to join the movement, or are in the midst of an implementation, here are 12 critical items to prepare your company for the transition:

1. Administrator – Cloud implementations do away with numerous technical tasks such as configuring servers and tuning databases, but having a strong administrator in place is still critical to the success of the project. They often act as the internal “quarterback” during implementation, and the go-to person post-implementation for all application-related duties.
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4 ways technology will reshape organizational success in the coming years

technology 2HR professionals everywhere have been eager in recent years to find innovative new ways that technology can improve what they do in human capital management. Whether it’s managing the daily grind of payroll and benefits or devising more comprehensive workforce plans, there are no doubt plenty of ways that more mobile and cloud-based platforms can make a difference.

Of course, it shouldn’t just be HR offices benefiting from the rise of modern technology. Really, anyone in an office should be able to find some utility in it. The cloud makes it easier for everyone in a corporate setting to store data, share it, access it and collaborate with it. There’s no one who can’t use that to find enormous gains in productivity.
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