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3 time-wasters you can do without

Clock, timeTime management is key to your employees’ productivity. 

The little things people do that waste a minute or two at a time add up throughout the days, weeks and months. This can substantially reduce the amount of work that your people are able to get done over long stretches. In fact, a New York Times report illustrated just how much even the smallest and most innocent of actions can affect productivity. There are a number of obstacles from multitasking to emails that can set an employee back and cut into productivity.  Read more

‘Twas the night before election, when all through the House (and Senate)

Affordable Care ActBy Howard Tarnoff, SVP of XOXO Innovation & Programs, Ceridian

I’d like to say “not a creature was stirring …,” but quite the opposite is true. Now that the political season is in full swing and the candidates have not fully explained themselves, all kinds of creatures are stirring. Analysts, pundits, and politicos are starting to ask questions. And employers and employees are beginning to voice their own considerations, hopes, suspicions and fears … particularly when it comes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and some of its provisions (e.g., the employer mandate). In fact, ‘tis the season when thoughtful employers are reading tea leaves and trying to come up with their own answers to questions like: Read more

4 steps to create an effective college recruitment strategy

new gradsBy John Whyte, Sr. Product Manager, Dayforce Talent Management

It’s happening. Colleges and universities across North America have released their latest crop of eager young talent into the workforce. Wide-eyed graduates will leave fraternity parties and all-nighters behind to experience their first apartment, first vacationless summer, and most importantly, first full time job.

Millenials became the largest generation in the workforce last year, forcing companies to rethink the way they attract the young professionals who will shape their future success.  Here are four principles to help your organization create an effective college recruitment strategy. Read more

5 key questions that can help improve employee-manager relationships

managers employee engagementDo you believe that above all else, the most important factor behind an employee’s engagement and productivity is his relationship with his direct supervisor. if you do, you’re not alone. Many believe that if people get along with their managers well, they’re likely to work well – it’s often as simple as that. Read more

Are ‘stay interviews’ the key to improving retention at your company?

new hireA key to achieving success in human capital management is maintaining some control over employee turnover. It’s hard to run a profitable business if your employees are always quitting – instead of focusing on productivity, turnover forces you to pour money into recruiting, hiring and training rather than actual work. It’s tougher to keep your eyes on the prize. Read more

5 strategies for improving change management at your organization

HR officeOne of the keys to success in human capital management is maintaining a certain level of consistency. You want people to be able to come into the office each day, settle into a routine and work productively. If there isn’t a consistent way of doing work etched on stone, it becomes difficult for people to get comfortable and reach their peak efficiency levels. Read more


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