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Looking to Spread Some Holiday Cheer at Work? Spend Doesn’t Equal Value!

By Dalia Stopnicki, Director of Events and Awareness, Ceridian

With employee engagement always front of mind, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to spread some happiness during the holiday season. It’s a great time to give thanks, reconnect and have a little fun with your colleagues.  The great news is that spend doesn’t equal value – with some thoughtful gestures and engaging activities your people can head home for the holidays feeling the love.

Here is a list of suggestions for spreading those good vibes at work: Read more

Take coffee breaks with your team to improve productivity

By Michael Petrescu-Comnene, Dayforce Lead Software Developer, Ceridian

Over the years, many around the office have wondered why I have a borderline industrial grade coffee grinder in our lunch room. This blog is dedicated to each of you.

As a coffee nut, most afternoons, I usually spend 20 minutes meticulously weighing, grinding, pouring and stirring my high-altitude grown single origin African coffees. Then I drink it with one or a couple of my colleagues. Time-waster or productivity booster?  Personal experience points me to the latter. Coffee (drinking and education) is one of my many passions outside of work. Sharing this passion at work has given me a window into many of my colleagues’ hobbies as well. Through a quick coffee-making session in the kitchen I’ve been able to find out that there are some serious cooks, skiers, and olive oil connoisseurs amoung us at Ceridian. It just so happens that this very blog idea sprang from learning I have a common interest with a member of the Social Media Team (Food, but that’s another blog). Jokes aside, conversations over coffee help me work better and here’s why: Read more

Keeping Up With Compliance

By Julie Palmer, Technical Writing Manager, Ceridian

Sometimes, I feel like my brain is constantly on a treadmill that’s maybe moving a little faster than I’d like. There’s just so much to keep up with: work, family, school, trends, the Kardashians… it never ends. Now that I’m also blogging about compliance, there’s a whole new world of content to keep on top of, particularly with all the changes coming in the wake of the recent US election. Read more

Turning the tables: Better-managing disengaged employees

By Kelly Allder, VP of HR Programs, Ceridian

Recently, a friend told me about her discontent with work. With the job market in her field so tough, and a mortgage, two kids, and life to pay for, she felt hand-cuffed to the organization. Disengaged from the culture, she continues to “show up,” but doesn’t really put forth any extra discretionary effort, and more importantly, isn’t happy or satisfied.

My friend’s case illustrates an important fact: just because an employee stays with the company does not mean they are actively engaged in the job. When this type of situations, managers have two clear options: Read more

5 Ways to be an Awesome Mentor for Millennials

By Eugene Peters, Director Product Management (Workforce Management) at Ceridian

With members of the baby boomer generation leaving the workforce en masse, either retiring or reducing their employment hours, businesses face an incredible challenge in limiting the exodus of their knowledge. Smart businesses recognize this risk and adapt. One approach is mentoring, passing on wisdom and insight; with millennials now representing the largest generation in the workforce, mentoring, in many cases, involves passing that wisdom and insight to a millennial.

As your organization moves through the changing of the guard, mentoring millennials effectively will be critical. Mentoring millennials is different than any other generation before them. The approach requires the ability to empathize with their underlying motivations, as well as the ability to commit the necessary time to satisfy their expectations around engagement and feedback.  Read more

California Expands Their Fair Pay Act

By Julie Palmer, Technical Writing Manager, Ceridian

When someone uses the term “wage gap”, we too often think only of the gender-based wage gap, without considering employees who are paid unfairly based on their race. Unfortunately, both types of wage gap still exist, meaning that the gap is even larger for women of color. Read more

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