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5 things we’re grateful for this Thanksgiving

ThanksgivingBy Karen Huss, VP of Internal Communications at Ceridian

What are you grateful for? Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and gratitude. As we get ready for Thanksgiving and spending time with loved ones, let’s also take a moment to reflect and give thanks.  Being surrounded by loved ones and family and having good health often top the “thankful for” list, and for good reason. Being thankful doesn’t have to be exclusive to home life – your organization can make the cut as well. Read more

3 Ways Retailers can Make Black Friday Better

retail2By John Orr, Senior Vice President of Retail at Ceridian

For retailers, it’s a challenge 24/7 to meet the many demands of effective workforce management – keeping your store well staffed, handling the inevitable scheduling conflicts and maximizing the productivity of your staff members. These issues are always relevant, but they’re especially pressing as the holiday season picks up and business gets a little frantic. Read more

Thanksgiving: A time for showing gratitude; or is that every day in the workplace?

employee recognitionBy Kristina Cleary, SVP Global Marketing, Dayforce HCM

U.S. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and after that, the holiday season will pick up, and soon the end of 2015 will be upon us. As we gear up for 2016, I find myself spending more and more time thinking about how best to motivate my team and demonstrate gratitude for their amazing efforts.

These days, things are going very well. In a recent employee engagement survey at Ceridian, I was extremely proud to see the overall Ceridian results so high, and that the marketing team’s results are some of the highest scores in the organization. Read more

5 ways you can make a real, tangible difference in employee retention

employee productivityAsk anyone who works in human resources, and they’ll tell you without hesitation – it’s important to pay close attention to employee retention and productivity. Doing so can be the difference between your company’s success and failure. If you have people who stay in their jobs and work hard, you’re in prime position to get ahead in business. Read more

Financial wellness is vital for employees – and it trickles down to physical health, too

compensationIf you’re one of the many organizations these days with a focus on employee health and wellness, kudos to you! Having a healthier workforce is a great way to build a more productive business. But have you considered widening the scope of your company’s wellness efforts? It’s important to note that being healthy is about a lot more than just eating right and exercising. Read more

Preparing for New Overtime Rules: 5 Ways an HCM Solution Can Help

small business complianceBy Jim O’Connell, Executive Consultant for Ceridian

Employers understand they must stay ahead of the curve of compliance change to manage what has become a huge cascade of government regulations. High on the list are FMLA, COBRA, FLSA, E-Verify and a host of federal, state and local employment tax rules. The Affordable Care Act Employer Shared Responsibility mandates may be the biggest challenge of all. Read more


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