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Use humor to engage employees on April Fools’ Day!

employee cultureBy Karen Huss, VP of Corporate Relations at Ceridian.

Ask any HR leader and they’ll tell you having engaged employees and a positive work culture helps any organization thrive. When employees feel inspired, great things happen. One often overlooked way of engaging employees is through humor.

Humor can help boost morale and help strengthen employee relationships. And, since tomorrow is April Fools’ Day, there’s no better time to start! At Ceridian, fun is built into our culture. We have “Fun@Work” Coordinators for all locations who ensure we celebrate the lighter side of work. Knowing April Fools’ Day was fast approaching, we surveyed our employees for their favorite April Fools’ Day gags at work. Here’s a sampling of the most popular: Read more

5 ways the resume is changing in our modern recruiting landscape

resumeBy Maurice Fernandes, Manager of Employment Brand & Social Media, Ceridian.

Before the advent of the internet, applying for jobs was a fairly straightforward process. People would keep paper copies of their resume on hand, and when they found open positions they liked, they would send a resume in the mail or drop it off in person and hope for a call back about a job interview.

Now, with an incredible amount of technology infused into the recruitment process, there’s an entirely new approach to r talent acquisition. The entire idea of the “resume” has been upended. People don’t necessarily have to carry around paper copies of their CVs anymore. Instead they’re using creative new strategies for showcasing themselves, including multimedia content and social networking. Read more

5 strategic improvements HR can make as we continue into 2015

employee engagementWe may already be a couple of months into 2015, but it’s never too late for organizations to stop, take a moment and assess what strategic changes they can make as we continue into the new year. The latest trend in business is that companies are looking to change their human capital management tactics for the better, using their HR offices not just for doing paperwork but for making a real difference. How can HR step up its game? Read more

4 ways that a truly engaged workforce adds value to any organization

“Employee engagement” is a buzzword that we’ve heard being tossed around HR circles for a long time now. In essence, we know by now what it’s all about – the idea is that you want your staff members to be satisfied with their jobs and happy to come into the office each morning. This will make them more likely to contribute to a positive work environment.

It’s worth noting that “a positive environment” is a lot more than just a place where people are cheerful and smiling. This is business, and keeping your employees engaged is about more than spreading a good mood each day. Ultimately, it’s about positioning your company to make more money.

According to The Employee Engagement Group, there’s reason to believe that engaged employees can add significantly to your bottom line. Kaitlyn Carr, an organizational development specialist, is a big advocate for this idea. She says that there are a variety of ways that happiness among the ranks can translate to a healthy year in the black.

Corporate Social Responsibility“Employee engagement is often thought of as making employees happy,” Carr noted. “In reality, employee engagement is much more and has a large impact on the organization’s bottom line. It seems as though more and more people are realizing this, though some are still convincing their leaders and managers just how important it is.”

How exactly does engagement yield profit? And what does your organization need to improve about human capital management in order to take advantage?

The following are four ways that any company can take an engaged workforce and ride it all the way to the bank. Read more

5 ways to strategically improve the payroll strategy at your organization

moneyIt’s not hard to understand that at just about any organization, effective payroll processing is one of the most important needs that the HR office has. It’s pretty obvious that a primary reason people show up to work every day is to earn a paycheck, and if that paycheck doesn’t show up on time for the full amount, there are definitely going to be issues.

Of course, payroll is about more than just handling the logistics without making mistakes. It’s also a matter of developing a good compensation strategy. How much you pay your employees will have a profound effect on the success or failure of your business. Spend too much, and you risk running your organization into the ground financially – but spend too little, and you risk not getting the best possible talent. Read more

A strong workplace culture, and 3 other key HR needs in 2015

employee engagement 2Among all of the the world’s best employers, there’s an understanding that human capital management is about more than just handling the paperwork and keeping the business afloat from day to day. Taking care of payroll and benefits logistics is obviously part of the job, but the best HR leaders are also focused on big-picture improvement. How can they make their organizations better?

In 2015, one of the major buzzwords in HR is “culture.” There’s a growing belief that if companies can bring their people together to work toward a common goal, everyone will be better engaged with their work and more productive. This is a long-term goal that HCM leaders worldwide are striving for. Read more


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