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Looking to Spread Some Holiday Cheer at Work? Spend Doesn’t Equal Value!

By Dalia Stopnicki, Director of Events and Awareness, Ceridian

With employee engagement always front of mind, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to spread some happiness during the holiday season. It’s a great time to give thanks, reconnect and have a little fun with your colleagues.  The great news is that spend doesn’t equal value – with some thoughtful gestures and engaging activities your people can head home for the holidays feeling the love.

Here is a list of suggestions for spreading those good vibes at work:

  • Take part in a charity activity together as a team. Bring your team together to give back and donate their time for a local charity. Pulling together for a good cause can be a rewarding experience, leaving behind those fuzzy feelings that last longer than the buzz of an open bar office party (and no hangovers!).

Ceridian employee, Lisa Pimentel, brough together members from the Marketing team to set up decorations, prepare dinner, and hand out hot meals at an Out of the Cold Christmas dinner in December 2015.

  • The personal touch. Personalized cards go a LONG way. What’s key? When writing out holiday cards for your people, make it personal about each of them specifically. Extend kind words to their family members by name, wish them well on specific trips you know they have planned etc. Around my office I see a lot of holiday cards pinned to the walls – they mean a lot to folks. Bonus points for mailing the card because we all love getting mail that’s not a bill! This small, simple step means the world to your people.
  • Holiday themed break areas. Set up a cozy space in the kitchen or a small boardroom you can live without for the month and you have an instant space for holiday themed breaks. I suggest playing some of the classics like Home Alone, Elf, and Love Actually (my picks, use yours, or get your people to nominate theirs). Pair this with a hot chocolate station and let the team take a break together over the holidays to watch a flick.
  • Decorate the office. Bring in a bunch of holiday décor (the Dollar Store is your friend!) and have the team decorate their desks. It’s the holidays, it should look like it! Walking into a space that feels festive sets the tone for great holiday spirit.
  • The good ‘ol classic potluck! To all of you rolling their eyes: your team gets to work on their collaboration skills and EAT! Ladies and gents. Nothing says holidays like spending quality time together with way too much food.
  • Go caroling. Seriously. If you have a musical team, great. If you don’t it’s even better! Get dressed up in festive gear one afternoon and serenade your colleagues with caroling around the office. If it doesn’t bring tears of joy, it’s sure to bring some giggles.

Like the gifts exchanged between friends and family, it’s about the feeling you leave with people, not the money you spent on them. Happy holidays and good luck caroling 😉

dalia-stopnicki-headshotOverseeing Ceridian’s Events team, Dalia leads the team producing Ceridian’s external conferences, internal programs, and tradeshows. Dalia has been with Ceridian since 2012, focusing on enhancing the attendee experience at Ceridian’s functions and growing their attendance. When not running an event for Ceridian, Dalia explores North America from the comfort of her RV.

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