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4 out of 5 People Think HR Technology is Going Through an Awkward Phase

James Arsenault – Director of Strategic Communications, Ceridian

Growing up is never easy, whether it’s getting through middle school or a technology platform.  There are those periods that are full of things not working correctly and awkward moments.

When it comes to technology platforms, this process has been repeated many times.  Before ERP platforms there were hundreds of start-ups solving supply chain problems.  Before comprehensive financial software there were accounts payable, receivable and bookkeeping packages.  But, eventually they merged into the platforms we know today.

Solutions that help organizations manage and develop their people have gone through the same process, with Talent Management, Benefits, Payroll, Workforce Management, and core HR all coming together to become single platforms.  Granted, some of those “integrated” platforms aren’t really working together well yet, but the trend is clear that organizations are looking to have all their people processes combined in a real-time, one-version-of-the-truth solution.

You don’t know if you don’t ask

In a recent study by Dimensional Research and Ceridian, 700 HR and HR Technology professionals were surveyed on their use of HR solutions and their effectiveness. It was based on a standard maturity model with a one to 100 scale.  The average score? 48.

The survey covered areas ranging from how many vendors supply people-focused solutions to the effectiveness of integration and data sharing, to if employees enjoyed using those solutions. The goal was to create a standard measure based on whether all HR systems are working together seamlessly, in real-time, and are accessible from everywhere.

The study also reviewed responses by organization size, industry, and management level, and the results ranged from expected to surprising. The study includes thousands of data points, but a few that were interesting include:


While nearly 2/3 of respondents say that their systems include best practices, guidelines, and advice, less than half of respondents claim they are very confident that all of their solutions enable them to operate in compliance with relevant rules and regulations.


While 90% of respondents say that employees can access HR focused tools at the office, that number falls to less than 50% from home, and 45% from mobile devices.  What is even more surprising was that Retail and Healthcare posted even lower numbers.

Integration of Processes

Fewer than one in five respondents report that all their HCM solutions are integrated together, and only 5% state that no manual steps are needed in their “automation” between solutions.  That in itself implies that many people professionals view processes as integrated even if they require manual steps to do so.  This points to the bar being set low for the meaning of integration.

The study illustrates overwhelming data that the maturity of HR systems is far from ideal, and that is caused by the normal growing pains that have been seen in other technology stacks. The goal is to have employee access to all employee processes wherever they are, and to have all the data they need available in real-time.  According to the HCM Maturity Study, we’ve all got a long way to go.


James Arsenault

James Arsenault is Director of Strategic Communications for Ceridian is  responsible for understanding and communicating how Dayforce HCM helps organizations empower their employees, improve productivity and increase profitability. Prior to joining Dayforce, James worked in corporate development at StormFisher Biogas (a renewable energy company acquired by a joint venture of GE and AES). James has a degree in Business from the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University. James lives in Toronto and enjoys music, travel, and technology.

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