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12 Keys to a Stellar Cloud HCM Implementation – Are you ready?

cloud4Adoption of cloud HR systems is on the rise. Data from the 17th annual Sierra-Cedar HR survey shows that by next year, the number of organizations running cloud systems for core HR will overtake those using other licensed systems, either on-premise or hosted.

If you’re looking to join the movement, or are in the midst of an implementation, here are 12 critical items to prepare your company for the transition:

1. Administrator – Cloud implementations do away with numerous technical tasks such as configuring servers and tuning databases, but having a strong administrator in place is still critical to the success of the project. They often act as the internal “quarterback” during implementation, and the go-to person post-implementation for all application-related duties.
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The cloud is poised to transform human capital management

cloud computingAt the cutting edge of HR, progressive companies are always looking for ways to upgrade their high-tech resources and get ahead of their competitors. This has always been the case – the most forward-thinking businesses are always looking for new ways to mechanize their human capital management procedures.

In the 1990s, it was the arrival of the World Wide Web and everything it has to offer. In the 2000s, there was an explosion of new resources like text messaging and social networking. In both of these cases, companies raced to adopt the new technologies first, hoping it would help them get a leg up on rival businesses.

Now, though? The big thing is the cloud. With the capability to put their data online for easy storage and access, companies have the ability to achieve more than ever before.
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3 reasons why HCM is better in the cloud

cloud HCMIn an ever-competitive business climate, enterprises are always looking for ways they can increase their efficiency and become more profitable on a global scale. Any way they can improve workflow without increasing costs, that’s a win. And if you can manage all your employees’ logistics in a quick and painless fashion, you’re far more likely to get ahead.

In 2014, this tends to mean one thing – moving to the cloud. Cloud solutions have become an increasingly popular option for numerous businesses looking to manage talent effectively, and it’s no secret why. Scalability, flexibility and configurability, plus an excellent ROI, are all hallmarks of cloud-based solutions.
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