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State of Retail Human Capital Management: Cloud, Compliance, and Collaboration

By  John Orr, SVP of Retail, Ceridian

Talking to peers about the challenges – and opportunities – they face with workforce management (WFM) is useful, and quantitative research can deepen these insights.  That’s why Ceridian collaborated with Innovative Retail Technologies to survey more than 150 retail workforce managers to better understand their most important HCM (inclusive of WFM) initiatives over the past year.

There are three high level insights I want to share from this research; I’ll take a deeper dive into the results in future posts. Read more

Why a Comprehensive HCM Approach can Improve Hourly Staff’s Work/Life Balance

retailBy  John Orr, SVP of Retail, Ceridian

As retailers improve the balance between their business’ demands and the needs and convenience of staff, employees’ engagement, happiness and productivity increase. These are the left and right hands of any retail operation. And few aspects of the hourly employee’s experience yield greater benefits than the improvement of scheduling, and the self-service that feeds it—the backbone of hourly employees’ work–life balance. Happier employees will share that happiness wherever they interact with customers. The experience for both gets better as employees’ jobs complement the rest of their lives. Retention, even in high-turnover industries, gets better, too. Read more

5 Trends Shaping Retail and Why All Employers Should Care #NRF16 (Part 3 of 3)

retail2By  John Orr, SVP of Retail, Ceridian

In my last two posts, I discussed four of the five trends: interconnectivity; Omni-store; beacons and buttons; and Black Friday. I’ve saved one of the most interesting and exciting trends for last: Personalization.

Personalization has become a priority, and rightfully so. Within their workforce, retailers have a broad range of personalities and casts of characters. While many executives believe they are giving employees options to improve their overall experience, they are really limiting the choices to a pre-conceived set of options — this is not personalization.   Read more

5 Trends Shaping Retail and Why All Employers Should Care #NRF16 (Part 2 of 3)

retail 4

By  John Orr, SVP of Retail, Ceridian

In my recent post, I discussed the first two trends — interconnectivity and Omni-store — that are shaping the retail landscape and informing other employers’ practices.  These trends point to the importance of knitting together data, regardless of the channel, to improve the customer and employee experience.

In today’s post, I’m going to speak to the trends around beacons and buttons and Black Friday. Read more

5 Trends Shaping Retail and Why All Employers Should Care #NRF16 (Part 1 of 3)


retail 3

By  John Orr, SVP of Retail, Ceridian

It’s that time of year; we reflect on what we’ve seen and learned over the past year as we look forward to what is to come. (And with Retail’s BIG Show happening, this exercise enables us to prepare and plan for success.) Read more

Taming the HCM Beast: 3 Key Factors to Petco’s Success

PetcoBy John Orr, Senior Vice President of Retail at Ceridian

Whether through the Petco Foundation or across its various brands, Petco shares our love for the companionship with our pets.  My daughter is an animal lover, and I thank her for introducing me to pets and in doing so sharing precious time together while making trips to the “Unleashed” stores by Petco. Read more

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