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3 reasons grocers need a single application for human capital management


By Carlos Gonzalez, Director of Customer Success at Ceridian.

In the grocery store industry, businesses are always looking for newer and better ways to stay viable. The market can be competitive, and even when business is good, margins remain thin, so it’s important to devise optimal strategies for product pricing, customer service and cost control.

One way to make improvements is to usher in a better approach to human capital management. Many grocers find themselves saddled with a handful of disparate processes for managing their employees and processing the payroll – written schedules and timecards, spreadsheets full of hour and wage data and payroll solutions that are difficult to use. Ultimately, these processes end up wasting time, and time is money. Read more

3 payroll control strategies that grocers can learn from our upcoming webcast

grocery By Carlos Gonzalez, Director of Customer Success at Ceridian.

One of the most challenging aspects of operating in the retail sector is that of human capital management. Take the grocery store industry, for example – in that realm, you’re largely dependent upon hourly shift workers, and it’s essential that you manage those individuals effectively and account for their hours, wages and any applicable benefits.

That’s why it’s vital for companies in this industry to maintain payroll control. For grocers, paying the workforce is by far the largest expense after the products in the store, and every labor dollar saved contributes directly to profit. Ceridian plans to hold an upcoming webcast discussing this very topic. Next week’s webcast, entitled “Gains for Grocers: How to Get Real-Time Payroll Control,” will feature a real Ceridian customer discussing the importance of managing payroll information in the grocery sector. Noah Katz, co-president of PSK Supermarkets, Foodtown, knows all about this topic. Read more

Helping Front-line Managers in Grocery See Their Labor Costs Now #NGAShow15


By Carlos Gonzalez, Director of Customer Success at Ceridian.

Human capital management in the grocery industry has changed little over the last two decades. Front-line managers follow a familiar process: They write a schedule, likely on paper, or possibly in Excel. A pay period then begins with this well-planned schedule posted to the break room wall. Employees punch into their shifts as they work through the pay period. At the end of the pay period, time cards make their way to payroll, where gross-to-net calculations take place. With the pay period over, analytical reports are calculated, too. And, to the surprise of management, reports on actual labor expenses vs. what was scheduled, and or budgeted, reveal “labor creep” during the pay period i.e., actual labor expenses continually exceed what was scheduled.
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