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5 tips for finding your most productive work time

engagement7By Kelly Allder, VP of HR Programs, Ceridian

As an HR leader, your assignment from day to day and from month to month is to maximize employee engagement, while increasing employee retention and productivity. Your company is investing a great deal in talent – and you want to make the most of that talent. So what makes us productive, and what doesn’t?

Many of us work long hours…often 40 hours per week is just a minimum. Shouldn’t we know how to make the most of those hours? How can we maximize all that we accomplish? Read more

4 motivation strategies that work best with the millennial generation

employee motivationWhile organizations (and HR in particular) always to work towards achieving high levels of employee retention and productivity, it can be variably difficult, depending on the demographics of the particular employees involved. If your staff is made up veteran workers who are comfortable in their positions and have no trouble staying motivated, that’s one thing. But if you have a lot of younger and less-seasoned employees on your hands, that’s a different situation.

A lot has been written about “millennials” in recent years. In the eyes of some leaders, members of Generation Y are “selfish and lazy and too attached to their technology” and aren’t motivated to succeed. But how much of that is really true, and how much is merely a stereotype?
Read more

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