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Infographic: 5 Trends in HR for 2014 and Beyond

Human resources trends

Larry Dunivan is EVP of Ceridian. Follow Larry on Twitter: @LarryDunivan

As the year 2014 gets into full swing, companies everywhere are ramping up their attention to human resources, looking at their current HR technology and committing to a stronger, more efficient way of managing the workforce. As we look ahead to an exciting new year rife with potential for innovation, there are several new trends organizations should be eager to embrace.

Ceridian recently highlighted a few of these trends in a new infographic, which I plan to delve into futher. Without further ado, here are five key developments to watch in the year that lies ahead for HR.

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The benefits of using one single application for human capital management

internAs HR technology improves in the 21st century and numerous software solutions and web apps become available, companies often become reliant upon numerous portals for handling the disparate aspects of human capital management. They use one solution for payroll, one for benefits, another for managing corporate health and wellness, and so on and so forth. The web of applications can become complicated and oftentimes, difficult to manage.

There are many positives of switching to a single solution for managing HR. The technology is more refined, it’s more centralized and it’s easier to use. This is something I discussed recently, in a Ceridian webinar entitled “HR Technology Integration: Less Is More.” To wrap up, let’s explore the topics discussed in Thursday’s talk and go over how they might relate to your business’ operations.

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The ‘less is more’ theory in human capital management technology

HR TechnologyRegister now for the Feb 20 Webinar on HR Technology Integration – Less is More with Larry Dunivan, executive vice president of Ceridian. Follow him on Twitter: @larrydunivan

When it comes to using complex technology infrastructures for human capital management, too much can be a bad thing. If your HR office is buried in a pile of wires and compact discs, it might be time to simplify matters and focus on using an HCM solution that’s streamlined and provides all the basics in one easy-to-use portal.

This can be a difficult truth for some people to accept. After all, change is hard, and even if the old system is outdated and hard to use, it’s the system. It’s not human nature to break away from the status quo eagerly.

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3 Reasons to Move to Cloud-based, SaaS-delivered HCM Tech Running on a Single App

LarryLarry Dunivan is EVP of Ceridian HCM. This blog was originally posted on Larry’s blog, Perceptive HR Technology.  Follow Larry on Twitter: @LarryDunivan

It can feel like hype, all those industry-wide calls to migrate to the cloud and to the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model of delivery. But, really, it isn’t hype at all—especially when the move is from an on-premise system heavily dependent on data interfaces and platform integration to a clean, single application based in the cloud. The reasons to make a switch are many for your human capital management technology, but if I had to choose just three, they’d be these:

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Showing Loyalty to Customers during Times of Change

Perceptive HR Technology

recruitMaintaining Customer Loyalty During Times of Change

Change is hard and the only constant. Those are clichés, but that’s because they’re realities, right? Every time a big vendor of technology for human capital management gets acquired by an even bigger vendor, customers of HCM technology face uncertainty. The aftermath can be hard. Customers look for help, consistency and guidance. And they want loyalty from their vendors.

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Today’s HCM Needs Modern HCM Technology


Larry Dunivan is EVP of Ceridian HCM. This blog was originally posted on Larry’s blog, Perceptive HR Technology. 

It was 30 years ago October that I took my first job at Unisys supporting payroll for K-12 school districts. I’ve seen and heard it all, and I know for a fact just how hard it is to integrate disparate systems with legacy data models, processes and frameworks. One of the reasons I found the move to Ceridian so exciting was to be liberated of that headache. It takes guts to start over, and with Dayforce HCM, we’ve done exactly that—built a unified system with noneed for integration (or interfacing) between modules. It makes product development infinitely easier. Combine that with deployment in the cloud, and you have the kind of story that has customers choosing Dayforce HCM in large numbers. I’m not going back, and you’ll have to decide for yourself when it’s time to make the journey. In the meantime, here’s a little more on what I mean about modern HCM technology in 2013…

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