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Three reasons you should take your kids to work

By Lisa Bull 

At Ceridian, we think of our employees as family. Lots of organizations say that, but for us it really holds true. Many of our employees have worked together for 10+ years, while others have been part of several start-up organizations together and lived to tell about it!

And with that sense of family comes a commitment to want to know our employees’ “real” families – the people that share them with us Monday through Friday. That’s why last month we decided to open our office doors to our employees’ kids and welcomed them for an amazing day at Ceridian.

This day was like the national “Take Your Kids to Work Day” events which happen across North America, but we opened it up to a broader age range (10 to 16 years) and did it the Ceridian way! Read more

The Unexpected Benefit the Gig Economy has on your Business

By Nick Venturella

According to the annual report, Freelancing in America 2016, from Upwork and the Freelancers Union, 13.5 million people took gigs outside of their primary full-time job responsibilities last year.

In other words, 25% of traditionally employed full-time U.S. workers were moonlighting as independent contractors in 2016.

Overall, freelancers contributed an estimated $1 trillion in earnings to our economy. That said, it doesn’t appear as though freelancing, or what many refer to as the “Gig Economy,” is going away any time soon.

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How Club Fit Empowers and Engages its Staff

By Prudence Pitter, Chief Talent Officer, Club Fit

It was 1973 when Club Fit first opened its doors in Westchester County, NY. Today, our club locations offer health and fitness facilities and programming to enhance quality of life and physical well-being for more than 14,000 members and guests. Club Fit provides a place to work out and unwind. It’s a place to play your favorite sports and a place to take charge of your health and well-being. As our tag line states, it’s a world apart from fitness as usual.

Everything we do at Club Fit ties to the mission of engaging our staff and giving them the tools they need to promote a healthy lifestyle for our members and guests. We do not take for granted how many moving parts we have here at Club Fit and spend a great deal of time helping our staff get up to speed and ready to embrace the Club Fit way.

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How to hang on to your ideal candidates

Paul Sandusky – VP of Talent Acquisition, Ceridian

In today’s highly competitive, mobilized and ‘Uberized’ workforce landscape, there are many shifts taking place that require HR leaders to adjust their approach to talent acquisition and management. And while organizations face a handful of challenges and changes, one thing is for certain: Modern recruitment is largely candidate-driven.

Particularly in areas experiencing talent shortages, employers can’t afford to let quality candidates pass them by. Finding and onboarding professionals who are an ideal fit for the role and company is a top priority and necessity when it comes to maintaining high retention, engagement and productivity rates.  Read more

To remember Dave MacKay: Inspire one, they’ll inspire a movement

By: Zain Jaffery, Application Support Manager, Ceridian

It was September 12th and I was walking on the streets of Toronto with a few colleagues *queue rap music*. We were all smiling, sharing stories about our families and learning about each other, what makes each other tick and laugh and well, be human. We were part of a large group gathered together to raise awareness, money, and to walk for the people we cared for that had battled cancer in one way or another. This is the OneWalk to Conquer Cancer that Ceridian Cares walkers participate in every year, in 2016 we surpassed our fundraising goal raising over $20,000Read more

How Leaders Can Get Coaching Conversations Right

The building blocks of every relationship are the interactions we have with other people - whether those conversations happen via text, e-mail, phone or face to face. The words we choose and the language we use will either build more clarity and trust or create obscurity and distrust. Our intentions and statements are one thing - but our actual follow up and follow through are another.

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