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5 analytics trends making a big impact in the HCM world

hr analyticsIf you take a look inside the offices of many businesses today, you’re likely to find some leaders who are fairly set in their ways. And when you’ve been doing things the same way for years, it’s tough to change. In 2016 though, it pays to be flexible. Technology is rapidly changing the ways in which we work, and it’s throwing a wrench into the old HCM paradigm as well. The rise of mobile, cloud and other new innovations are all conspiring to give us more of one precious resource – data – that’s having a profound impact on how we can manage talent. Read more

3 steps to use data for refining your HCM strategy

HR Data WebcastBy Greg Trok, Vice President of Consulting Services, Ceridian

Among the true best-in-class organizations, there’s a basic understanding in place about human capital management – you don’t just need a great strategy for managing your employees. You also need a system for measuring your progress and communicating your results. In other words, you need management and analytics. Read more

WEBCAST: Refine your HR Strategy – Data is the Key!

Data is Key Webcast

Read more

5 strategies to navigate the obstacles of global HR

Taking care of myriad human capital management duties has always been a challenge for corporate leaders. For many organizations, it’s a daily grind that encompasses processing the payroll, administering benefits and fostering an environment with strong employee engagement. Read more

3 ways to tell your SMB has outgrown it’s current HCM solution

small business complianceby Dave MacKay, President of Ceridian.

For any owner of a small or medium-sized business (SMB) that’s looking to add new staff members and grow steadily in size and scope, it’s important to have the right solution in place for processing payroll and other human capital management (HCM) functions. In these situations, it’s not uncommon for organizations to feel like they’re outgrowing their current solutions. Read more

4 challenges with using data to improve human capital management practices

Big dataIn a way, human capital management is easier now than it’s ever been. Thanks to the wealth of technology options available to HR leaders today, we no longer have to make our key decisions based on guesswork – we have enough information at our fingertips to make intelligent, data-driven decisions about how to lead the workforce.

In another way, HCM is tougher than ever. The prospect of using analytics to develop better talent strategies is an enticing one, but in practice, it’s quite difficult. How do we get our hands on the best and brightest technology for gathering and analyzing data? How do we budget for that? Do we need more people on staff for guiding that movement? Will they have support from leadership? At least initially, turning to analytics raises as many questions as it answers. Read more

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