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Stop waiting for everyone else to make a move

If you want to achieve your goals and become as successful as possible, you can't sit back and wait for everyone else - you need to act, and even get a little disruptive.

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The Power of a Promise

By Maggie Salo, Director of Change Management, Algonquin Power & Utilities

Can a promise really make an impact on changing our behaviors, our actions and our habits? The answer is YES!

A promise absolutely can and will change our behaviors, our actions and our habits if we approach the change correctly. Let me share with you an approach that works for me and for the people whom I coach. Read more

The Gamer’s Guide to Leveling Up: Career Edition

By Kristina Cleary, Chief Marketing Officer, Ceridian and BP Gallucci, Communications Manager, Ceridian

Career tips for leveling up by KC, gaming concepts applied by BP Gallucci!

It’s tempting to think of your career in video game terms, where leveling up is simply a matter of putting in the time – collecting more power-ups and wandering around for an extra 5k – but your life and the goals you set for yourself take a lot more than that. While there are no cheat codes in life, there are lessons you can take from the world of gaming and apply to your career. So gamers take heart. Here are my tips for levelling up in the workplace: Read more

Want to learn about leadership? Watch the Olympic Games.


Jay Greaves in 1996, in front of The White House with four members of the US Olympic Committee executive team and a staff member

By Jay Greaves, VP of Sales Effectiveness, Ceridian

In my home we are HUGE fans of the Olympic Games. It’s always been that way since my childhood and became even more so in 1996 when I served as an envoy for the United States Olympic Team. Beyond enjoying athletic competition, I really enjoy watching examples of all kinds of activities play out in the world. We see examples of commitment, diligence, focus, sportsmanship, competition, humanity, humility, and so many other great traits. And of course, leadership. We see leadership in lots of expected places, from lots of expected individuals, and also in many that are surprising. Read more

Having a ‘meh’ day in the workplace? Turn on your positivity!

employee motivationBy Kelly Allder, VP of HR Programs, Ceridian

Some days, work can be awesome: you get to do something you’re really good at, and help people achieve their goals.  It’s a tremendous feeling when you show off your expertise and make a difference.

Some days, work can be ‘meh’.  Dealing with a challenge, a difficult personality, or just routine might make us feel less-than-fully engaged.  But when we have those days, it’s important not to let them take over your whole vibe and impact your contributions, your body or your relationships.  Read more

Leadership Lessons: Meet Jay Greaves

Jay GreavesWelcome Jay Greaves, VP of Sales Effectiveness, to the Ceridian HCM Blog. Each month, Jay will be sharing with us lessons in leadership that he’s learned from his many years in the HCM industry.  Here’s Jay to introduce himself!

It seems like my entire life I’ve heard the way to learn something, anything, is to read a book, take a class, and get a degree.  Unfortunately that hasn’t always worked for me as I tend to learn from doing and in many cases learning things the hard way. Read more

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