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The Top 3 Benefits Retailers Find in the Cloud

By  John Orr, SVP of Retail, Ceridian

While most retailers have given some thought to cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions, the underlying needs and anticipated benefits varies. In a previous blog, I shared high-level insights from Ceridian’s collaboration with Innovative Retail Technologies to survey more than 150 retail workforce managers. I want to hone in on the specific benefits our respondents felt cloud-based applications brought to their business. Read more

How does the cloud contribute to culture?

cloud computingMore and more Human capital management professionals have their heads in the clouds, and that’s a great thing for core processes and for culture!

Pricewaterhouse Cooper surveyed over 650 organizations during the third quarter of 2015 to determine how they use the cloud-based SaaS, and what their plans for it are in the future. What PwC found was that human resource departments are turning to the cloud to improve core processes at an “ever-increasing rate”. It seems more and more employers are finding that in today’s global marketplace, the cloud is necessary to streamline processes and share information effectively.  Read more

Moving to the cloud? Spring clean your data first!

springWhat does spring cleaning look like for your HR department? How much attention do you give to your HR data and processes that may have become outdated over time?

The need for an in-depth HR cleaning may become evident as your company prepares for a move to the cloud. Cloud technology is heralded for its ability to transform HR operations, but to lead this change your department must first evaluate the relevancy of your current data and processes. Read more

Coping With Changes in Overtime Pay (Part 2: The Right Tools Help)

mobile payrollBy Howard Tarnoff, Senior Vice President, Ceridian.

Yes, I do have a life, yet one of my favorite past-times is tracking Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) changes and how they impact employers. (There is no accounting for taste). I’m interested in the FLSA because the rules promulgated under the act are always changing, the courts are constantly finding new ways to interpret the law, and employers are left to cope with the change. A case in point is the recently proposed change to the overtime exemption salary threshold from $23,660 to $50,444. Read more

5 things to consider when choosing an HCM system

hr technologyBy John Orr, SVP of Retail at Ceridian. 

For any business that wants to take care of its human capital management duties effectively, it’s important to have the right HCM system in place. Handling the workforce can be especially difficult for retail organizations – your staff are often composed of 40-70% part-time workers picking up a shift at a time, and it’s not always easy to keep these individuals engaged or to provide a predictable and fair environment. But there’s no doubt that using the right HCM system can be a game-changer in this regard.
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3 Things for Medium Enterprises to Consider When Shopping for HR Technology

By Jayson Saba,VP of Strategy and Industry Relations at Ceridian.

A recent study of more than 200 companies by our friends at the Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit revealed that in the next 12 months, 57% of organizations plan to invest in an HR technology solution.  Companies with less than 1000 employees stated a higher need to invest in HR technology than larger counterparts (59% vs. 53% respectively). This is not surprising because cloud technology makes it easier for smaller companies to access capabilities that a decade or two ago were only afforded to deep pocketed enterprises.
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