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5 key questions that can help improve employee-manager relationships

managers employee engagementDo you believe that above all else, the most important factor behind an employee’s engagement and productivity is his relationship with his direct supervisor. if you do, you’re not alone. Many believe that if people get along with their managers well, they’re likely to work well – it’s often as simple as that. Read more

5 strategies for improving change management at your organization

HR officeOne of the keys to success in human capital management is maintaining a certain level of consistency. You want people to be able to come into the office each day, settle into a routine and work productively. If there isn’t a consistent way of doing work etched on stone, it becomes difficult for people to get comfortable and reach their peak efficiency levels. Read more

4 ways to foster teamwork

teamwork (small image)If your staff isn’t operating as a team it may not be working to its full potential.

Bringing minds together to make progress and solve problems is almost always a good idea. Two heads are better than one, and if you can fit more into the equation, why not if it will help the company become more productive? In workforce management, ensuring that people are working together, or even spending time together just for fun, can be part of the job. This is because teamwork is beneficial in so many ways, such as a few that Inc. listed. Read more

4 reasons why employees sometimes struggle with manager feedback

employee feedbackGreat managers aren’t content just to have their staff members crank out the same work over and over again, week after week and month after month. They want improvement. They’re looking to constantly follow up with their employees, find out what’s working, maximize those strengths and minimize their weaknesses as well. Read more

3 things my customers taught me about software

technology 2By Charlene Brennan, Senior Product Manager, Ceridian

In the human capital management industry (and any industry for that matter), companies communicate with their customers in a number of ways. Through activities like support, social media, user conferences, product release notes and more, companies are constantly communicating with their customers.  But are companies listening to what their customers are saying back to them? Let’s take the software business for example. After the sale is done and the services are installed…you’re done right?  NO! That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Any kind of software application that a company uses is an integral component of delivering and growing their business.  Ensuring the software application provides the necessary options is crucial.  Companies who deliver software need to reach out through all of their communication mechanisms to get that input from customers. Read more

5 tips for improving communication among virtual employee teams

The field of human capital management brings with it many challenges, but these days, perhaps the biggest one is getting disparate groups of people to work together. Your employees will include all different types – varying in their ages, styles of doing work and even their locations – and your job is to unify them. The whole of the workforce is always greater than the sum of its parts.

The “locations” part is an added wrinkle that’s new in recent years. Thanks to recent innovations, it’s not necessary for people to be in the same office – or even the same state – to be co-workers. Videoconferencing and other communication software solutions have emerged as “collaboration technologies,” which are fast becoming a major buzzword in business. Read more

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