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The Hard-Hitting Data: Employees Need Real Vacations

By Kelly Allder, VP of HR Programs, Ceridian

In early December three years ago, I was sitting in a hotel room in Mexico, on a conference call trying to convince a senior leader about an appropriate go-live date for a project I was leading. As the call moved into the second hour (after promising that it would only be 30 minutes), my spouse became irritated and left to go to the beach. I felt stressed, resentful, and ineffective. After the call, I fretted: maybe I shouldn’t have gone on vacation at all. Maybe I should have stayed home to ensure the project stayed on track. But I needed this vacation, didn’t I?

A research study conducted by Staples Advantage recently revealed that 40 percent of workers today feel burnt out, due to a wide range of factors, including pressure from managers, fear of job security, tight deadlines, and too heavy a workload. The majority of survey respondents agreed that they felt overworked, with 65 percent saying stress in the workplace negatively affects them on a personal level. In addition, HR Bartender reported that another study found that top performers are 66 percent more likely to leave if they work for a company with high burnout rates and that, in 67 percent of employees, burnout has hurt their work productivity or quality.  Read more

Understanding stress in the workplace [Part 1]

employee stressThe workplace looks a lot different today than it did only a few years ago. In many ways, it is much better – and healthier. Companies continue to adopt a more lenient and accommodating approach to corporate culture. The wave of tech start-ups has inspired a more lax dress code, workforce-related inequality issues are finally being addressed and the rapid proliferation of mobile devices makes telecommuting easier. Read more

3 tips for improving office ergonomics

ergonomicsThe best HCM leaders’ understand that keeping your employees engaged and productive is a constant battle, but your people’s health is just as important as everything else.  Comfort for example, is important, but sometimes overlooked at work. When an employee isn’t bothered by the position he or she is sitting in, the angle of the computer monitor or any of the other myriad potential issues with working at a desk all day, that individual may be more productive and may even protect his or her health. Bad office ergonomics can lead to more stress and increase the potential for injury, WebMD explained. The two-fold benefit of improving employees’ health and helping them become more productive at work is something that HCM professionals should consider. Read more

Put an end to ‘vacation shaming’ in your workplace! 4 tips.

vacationLeading organizations know that taking vacations from work is healthy, and in the long run, it actually adds to people’s productivity rather than detracting from it. It’s basically impossible to work all 52 weeks in a year without some degree of burnout. It makes far more sense for employees to take the time to  recharge their batteries. Read more

4 ways to make use of your extra day this Leap Year

2016 goalsA good workforce is the backbone of a successful business, which is why you invest your time in coaxing the highest possible output out of your staff members. Every day is a chance to get great work done.

It’s also a prime reason to celebrate when you’re given an extra day. That’s important because today is a special occasion – an extra 366th day on the calendar that we only get once every four years. A Feb. 29 is a blessing. It’s a chance to do things you otherwise wouldn’t have time for. Why not make the most of it? Read more

Wellness wearables: 5 employer strategies for incorporating fitness trackers into the workplace


Wearable StatBy Karen Viveiros, Communications Manager, Ceridian LifeWorks

My first pedometer came as a promotional give-away from the inside of a cereal box in the 1990s. And although fitness trackers have come a long way since that crude iteration, the concept behind them hasn’t changed. And they work. Read more

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