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Preventing stress in the workplace [Part 2]

stress 9As we covered in the last blog post on understanding stress in the workplace, there are a lot of different factors that contribute to stress. But the positive news for employers is that there are just as many ways for HCM professionals to fix and prevent it.

The Society for Human Resource Management indicated that when companies have made it a point to adjust policies in a way that affects stress levels, they have often seen myriad benefits. In addition to higher retention and job satisfaction rates, they also experienced significantly lower chronic work stress levels. How did they do it? Read more

Understanding stress in the workplace [Part 1]

employee stressThe workplace looks a lot different today than it did only a few years ago. In many ways, it is much better – and healthier. Companies continue to adopt a more lenient and accommodating approach to corporate culture. The wave of tech start-ups has inspired a more lax dress code, workforce-related inequality issues are finally being addressed and the rapid proliferation of mobile devices makes telecommuting easier. Read more

3 stats that highlight the need for better work-life balance

workplace trend employee deskStaples’ annual survey on workplace trends seeks to determine what makes employees want to stay, and what makes them want to leave. Work-life balance came into focus in this year’s Staples Business Advantage Workplace Index findings, and it’s clear some employers need to improve it.  Read more

3 ways to reduce workplace stress

stress 9Workforce management can ultimately suffer if high stress jobs begin to have an adverse effect on productivity and morale. This is why, if you work in the HCM space, it is helpful to identify stress reduction activities, both for yourself and your staff members. Read more

“HR Professional” vs. “Parent”: Should this be the way?

work life balance 2By Kelly Allder, VP of HR Programs, Ceridian

Time and again, I read articles and blogs about ‘achieving work life balance’ or ‘improving productivity’ or ‘5 tips for getting that next promotion’.  While all very legitimate and worthy goals, as a working parent, I have to say there are times when I feel maxed out and if I have to think about one more thing that I SHOULD be doing, I’ll probably get an ulcer.

Let me start with the basics: Combined, my partner and I have four children in our blended family (aged 16, 14, 13 and 12).  On any given day, the kids might have hockey, soccer, dance, cooking class, altar serving, school projects, some kind of ailment, and/or the need to go to the mall.  We have THINGS to do! Read more

5 sources of stress that might be festering issues in your office

employee stress 3If you’re doing a great job of managing your talent talent, the results of your hard work will probably be visible in your company’s success with employee retention and productivity. Handle your employees right, and they’ll let you know it – they’ll stick around for a long time, engage easily and work hard on a daily basis. Read more

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