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#NRF15: Retailers, Are Your Schedules for Floor Associates Fair and Predictable?

John OrrFor many reasons, they need to be—for employee engagement, employer brand, customer experience, and repeat business. Increasingly, even for employment law compliance, your scheduling practices need to accommodate floor associates’ need for work–life balance. When retail employees struggle with the basics of their employment, they struggle with stress. And, when this happens, they struggle to feel good about their jobs. The very success of your stores relies on your employees feeling settled. When they don’t, customers are apt to bear the brunt. However, when retail employees feel cared for, they’re apt to extend that provision of care to customers. This fuels repeat business.
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4 tips for balancing health with legality in employee wellness programs

May 6HR professionals at all levels understand the need to elevate levels of corporate health and wellness. Simply put, healthier employees are more productive employees – if you can urge people to eat well, exercise regularly and stave off illness to the best of their abilities, you’re more likely to maintain a strong workforce over the long haul.

On the other hand, you have to be careful about pushing wellness on people too hard. There are numerous risks in play here, both health-wise and legally. Too much diet or exercise can be hazardous for some people, and an obsessive level of wellness education can lead to conflict in the workplace. There are a few faux pas of which you need to steer clear.
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5 important angles to consider when evaluating employee leave

employee leaveIt’s been said many a time that a large part of success is just showing up, so it stands to reason that one of the keys to human capital management is to make sure people arrive at the office each morning and get their jobs done. Consistent attendance is half the battle.

Then again, you’re never going to get anywhere in HCM if you force people to slave away for 52 weeks a year, five days a week with no exceptions. People need time off on occasion – it helps them stay sane. Without getting some holidays and vacation days from time to time, people are likely to become disengaged with their work. They may even search for new opportunities elsewhere, where they can work on more lenient, relaxed schedules. You don’t want that.
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Recapping Ceridian’s webcast on ACA compliance in 2015

healthcareThe Affordable Care Act is nearing five years old and continuing to evolve, and every year we see new developments that shake things up and further complicate the responsibilities of HR professionals. It’s important to stay on top of the latest changes, digesting all the rules and making sure your company remains compliant. Any failure to do so can be catastrophic – such an error could lead to legal trouble or, worse yet, unrest among the employee ranks. Medical coverage is important to people.

But because new developments in the ACA are rolling out all the time, you practically need a team of experts to keep you in the loop on everything that’s changing. That’s why Ceridian offered a recent webinar on the subject, imparting a great deal of wisdom on what companies can do to abide by the ACA moving forward.
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4 ways companies are adjusting to the Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care ActOne of the primary goals in HR is to work tirelessly to ensure corporate health and wellness, but in the quest to do so, companies often find themselves balancing a lot of conflicting values. For example: On one hand, they have a constant need to keep their employees healthy and engaged, but at the same time, they also need to worry about keeping costs down and the business profitable.

Performing balancing acts like this is never easy. It’s perhaps even more difficult given that the Affordable Care Act is a constant concern for employers – because the legislation mandates that companies provide health coverage for so many of their workers, companies have to be very careful about the way they do and don’t allocate their wellness dollars.
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In HR Technology, Is Compliance Taking a Front Seat with Features and Functionality?

There are things we want to live with, and there are things we can’t live without. When it comes to HR technology investments, the conversation is expanding from features and functionality- things we want to live with – to include compliance – the thing we can’t live without.

Had you asked me this question a week ago, I would have answered “I don’t think so”, “I am not sure this is true”, or the old adage “HR software is sold on feature and functionality, but retaining customers is dependent on service.”

On Wednesday, July 16, Ceridian wrapped up its annual user conference INSIGHTS (#CeridianINSIGHTS has the twitter action) and to our ecstasy, it broke every record we track for success of these events – feedback scores, general attendance, Dayforce HCM customer attendance, LifeWorks customer attendance, and prospect attendance.  Not a huge surprise here considering the explosive growth of Dayforce HCM and the renewed energy it injected into Ceridian’s lifeblood since its introduction in 2012.  What was surprising for me couldn’t be ignored – strong evidence that compliance is top of mind for HR and Payroll practitioners. I submit to you the following.
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