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5 key steps to developing a successful weight management program

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By Sue Blankenhagen, Wellness Program Specialist, Ceridian LifeWorks

Many HCM professionals today spend a great deal of their time focused on corporate health and wellness, and justifiably so. Ensuring a healthy workforce is the key to maximizing productivity and building a successful business. And more specifically, one key area of emphasis has emerged during the last few years – obesity.

For any company to be successful, it’s important for employees to have good health, overall. A growing concern in the U. S. is weight and workplaces are not immune to such concerns. Ceridian’s recent webinar hosted by, “Employee Weight Management: More than Numbers on a Scale,” reinforced this point.. For starters, it revealed a key fact about the realities of overweight and obese workers in the U.S. today – according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, roughly 30 percent of Americans were obese in 2014, meaning they had a BMI of 30 or higher. Read more

TODAY: Ceridian Presents Webinar On Integrating Weight Management With Wellness To Improve Employee Health, Engagement & Productivity

wellnessCeridian announces its free webinar: Employee Weight Management: More than Numbers on a Scale. The hour-long webinar will feature Sue Blankenhagen, certified wellness coach & wellness program specialist at Ceridian LifeWorks, who will discuss the latest research and best practices on what corporate wellness programs can do to support employees in a healthy, active lifestyle. During this webinar, leaders will learn how they can implement a program to bring lasting change to their organization. Read more

5 tips for gaining a competitive advantage in corporate wellness

Young executive standing with team mates discussing at the backAs they search for every possible way to gain ground in the “war for talent,” many of today’s organizations have explored the idea of using corporate health and wellness to gain a competitive advantage. The idea is simple and possibly game-changing – if you can offer better health benefits than your competition, you’ll be more likely to attract and retain top talent to work for you.

According to the Young Entrepreneur Council, wellness has become a far more important piece of the talent management and retention puzzle in recent years. Joshua Love, president of Los Angeles-based wellness consultancy Kinema Fitness, told the news source that wellness has become a far more competitive area – and it’s one where many businesses still have a lot of room to improve. Read more

Getting serious about sleep deprivation

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by Estelle Morrison, Ceridian LifeWorks Vice President of Clinical and Wellness Services

Imagine the following scenario: Two colleagues, Sarah and Jeff, share an elevator ride up to their office. As Jeff rubs his eyes, he says, “I only got about five hours of sleep last night, and I’ve got back to back meetings… I’m exhausted just thinking about it…” Sarah makes a noise in agreement and responds “Five hours? Aren’t you lucky… I tossed and turned all night! I’m already on my third coffee.”

Sound familiar?  For most people sleep deprivation is seen as part and parcel of everyday life, particularly at a time where technology has enabled and expanded work day, dual career families are the norm and multi-tasking is an integral part of our existence. Secondly, and perhaps most frighteningly, sleep deprivation is so much a part of every day life, that in some instances people describe their ability to function without sleep like a badge of honor.
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The benefits of connecting HCM technology with an Employee Assistance Program

For any company that works with talent, there’s a twofold challenge they’re constantly facing – it includes both human capital management, which encompasses such elements as administering payroll and benefits and other day-to-day minutia, while also supporting employees and their families in addressing personal and work related issues.

Luckily, there’s a way to do both at once. Ceridian, which has comprehensive offerings both in its HCM solution and its employee assistance program, is now looking to connect the two by giving employers the ability to deliver targeted, and relevant EAP messaging and work-life information. This new two-for-one deal, LifeWorks Life Events, should change the game considerably.
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In any workplace, sleep deficiency is a productivity killer

sleep healthby Estelle Morrison, Ceridian LifeWorks Vice President of Clinical and Wellness Services

Typically, when talent leaders think about the different aspects of health affecting their employees,  they often consider the more commonly targeted lifestyle concerns – diet and exercise. They often assume that if their employees are eating well and staying active physically, the positive effects on their physical health will trickle down to their engagement and productivity and work.

All of the above is true. But there’s a third angle they may not be considering – sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is a fundamental part of being a healthy human being, and it’s one that has a major impact in any workplace, large or small.
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