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How Leaders Can Get Coaching Conversations Right

The building blocks of every relationship are the interactions we have with other people - whether those conversations happen via text, e-mail, phone or face to face. The words we choose and the language we use will either build more clarity and trust or create obscurity and distrust. Our intentions and statements are one thing - but our actual follow up and follow through are another.

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How Will You Turnaround Your Engagement in 2017?

By Deb LaMere, VP of Employee Experience, Ceridian

If you thought employee engagement was a hot topic in 2016, look out. The new year has begun and employee engagement remains one of the most pressing issues facing the American public and private sectors, as high turnover plagues organizations across the nation. Unfortunately, despite the fact that landmark studies have been released throughout the past five years that highlight the extreme need for high engagement, more signs continue to indicate that the workforce is moving in the wrong direction when it comes to being satisfied in their current employment. Read more

There is So Much to Do. Where Do I Begin? [The Starfish Story]

By Jay Greaves, VP of Sales Effectiveness, Ceridian

“Congratulations on your promotion!”  “We’ve decided to expand your region and give you a bigger team.”  “Welcome to the board!”  Those are all great things that I’ve heard in my professional career and community work.  I’m sure you can quickly think of some great messages of your own.  Those are words we all like to hear.   But, if you are like me, the initial excitement and enthusiasm referred to as “uniformed optimism” quickly gives way to a mind flooded with uncertainty.  A mind rapid firing with all kinds of questions, challenges, and missing information.  Thinking of all that needs to be done. How much I don’t know.  Where do I begin?! Read more

Employee expectations and how they influence engagement

By Deb LaMere, VP of Employee Experience, Ceridian

We hear all that time about disengaged employees in the workforce – with a significant portion even actively disengaged. It’s a huge issue for employers and HR professionals, not to mention the workers themselves. Low engagement levels lead to subpar performance, dissatisfaction, decreased productivity and, ultimately, higher turnover rates. Read more

Setting interns up for success [Part 1]

By Celine DuPuis, Product Marketing Manager, Ceridian

Internship programs are a valuable asset to every organization, offering benefits to both the interns and employers. For students and recent graduates, they are a great way to gain real-world knowledge and experience; for employers (and their managers!), it’s a chance to establish relationships with talented individuals, develop their skills, and get a boost to their productivity.

Research conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that the number of college graduates pursuing internships is on the rise – due, at least in part, to spreading awareness of how much employers favor candidates who already have relevant experience (75 percent of employers, to be exact). Furthermore, more than half of hiring managers prefer if the candidate got the experience through an internship. Read more

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