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A Gamer’s Guide to Retaining Millennials

From retention to compliance, there were a number of trending topics on the Ceridian HCM Blog this year. For the rest of December, we will be revisiting 10 of our most popular blog posts of 2016. Enjoy!

By Andrew Shopsowitz, Manager of Product Management, Ceridian

One of the biggest challenges that employers consistently talk about when it comes to managing millennials is low retention; all too often I’ve heard this voiced as, “millennials just have no loyalty to anything or anyone.”  So how is it that video game producers have kept so many of us playing the same game franchises for years (sometimes lifetimes) with levels of devotion that can border on fanaticism? I argue that the challenge in retaining millennials has nothing to do with a lack of loyalty, but rather, the challenge comes from inherently different expectations of their workplace. Read more

Engage your team from anywhere: Tips from #CeridianXOXO Award Winner Heritage Golf Group

By Jennifer Preston, Payroll and HR Administrator at Heritage Golf Group, Inc

In this age of technology, more companies are offering remote working options. According to Global Workforce Analytics, since 2005, the number of people who regularly work from home has increased by 103 percent. Today, it isn’t uncommon for managers to oversee a team of employees whom they don’t actually see in-person very often, if at all. At Heritage Golf Group, almost all of the managers I interact with regularly are stationed at various courses across the country. While managing a remote workforce requires that I take a different approach than I would for the traditional in-office setting, there are plenty of ways to make sure it is just as – if not more – effective.  Read more

Want to learn about leadership? Watch the Olympic Games.


Jay Greaves in 1996, in front of The White House with four members of the US Olympic Committee executive team and a staff member

By Jay Greaves, VP of Sales Effectiveness, Ceridian

In my home we are HUGE fans of the Olympic Games. It’s always been that way since my childhood and became even more so in 1996 when I served as an envoy for the United States Olympic Team. Beyond enjoying athletic competition, I really enjoy watching examples of all kinds of activities play out in the world. We see examples of commitment, diligence, focus, sportsmanship, competition, humanity, humility, and so many other great traits. And of course, leadership. We see leadership in lots of expected places, from lots of expected individuals, and also in many that are surprising. Read more

Leading as an Individual Contributor

leadership 3By James Arsenault, Director of Strategic Communications, Ceridian

As we progress in our careers, we’ll spend time in different roles as individual contributors and as managers. Both are valuable experiences – in fact, spending time understanding the perspective and challenges of each role can help you be more effective in both. However, leadership should be a constant theme throughout your career, regardless of your role. Read more

Being a Teacher, Not a Manager

Robert-Mattson-Headshot-2By Robert Mattson, VP of Content Marketing, Ceridian

I was having a conversation with a person that reported to me when I was leaving my last job, and she was kind enough to say that she thought I was a good manager.  To which I replied:

I’m not a manager.  I’m a teacher. Read more

4 steps to transform your performance management process

performance managementBy Kevin Thompson, VP of Professional Services, Ceridian

It’s that time of year, the annual performance review!  We’ve all had them, the grueling session where you and your manager try desperately to remember what you did last year.  Or maybe you are one of the many who have no idea how you are doing; you just receive a note with your new raise in it.  Many of us have been pondering this annual ritual and thinking to ourselves, there has to be something better.  The traditional process of: Read more

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