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Employees’ Unused Vacation Days: The Problems and Solutions

vacationBy Deb LaMere, VP of Employee Engagement, Ceridian

A strong work ethic is certainly an admirable quality to have. But we live in a society that seems to glorify being busy – paying little mind to the reality that busy doesn’t necessarily mean productive. And while most people acknowledge that taking time to relax and rejuvenate is essential, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to do. Read more

How does the cloud contribute to culture?

cloud computingMore and more Human capital management professionals have their heads in the clouds, and that’s a great thing for core processes and for culture!

Pricewaterhouse Cooper surveyed over 650 organizations during the third quarter of 2015 to determine how they use the cloud-based SaaS, and what their plans for it are in the future. What PwC found was that human resource departments are turning to the cloud to improve core processes at an “ever-increasing rate”. It seems more and more employers are finding that in today’s global marketplace, the cloud is necessary to streamline processes and share information effectively.  Read more

Mobile technology is transforming our approach to HCM

mobile HCMAs many in the human capital management industry have come to understand, a key part of the job is looking for ways to better manage employees with technology that is constantly advancing. Business success is all about efficiency – if you can get more done and save more time, you make more money. Business success is all about efficiency – if you can get more done and save more time, you make more money. When you find an opportunity to help your organization improve using new HR tech, you have to explore it. Read more

3 tips to help make the move to mobile HCM

mobile HCMFor years now, there’s been a large-scale movement underway as organizations make the transition to more streamlined, high-tech solutions for human capital management. Whereas previously, they were using pen and paper for tracking vital data about their employees, they’ve now begun using robust cloud-based HCM solutions that allow them to access data in real-time.

When making a purchasing decision, companies are looking for HCM technologies that offer the full suite of functionality & compliance capabilities, as well as mobile-enabled platforms. The impact of the mobile revolution cannot be understated, as it is continuing to break down barriers between work and home. Managers want the ability to view their payroll statement from anywhere, while employees want the functionality to make time-off requests on the go. Leaders are listening to what their employees want and understand that mobile HCM has a direct effect on employee engagement. Read more

3 ways for HR to reinvent itself in today’s high-tech business climate

tech trainingThe evolving technology landscape has had a dramatic effect on everything about work – and perhaps most importantly, the way we handle human capital management. We’re now working in a more dynamic and fast-paced climate than we ever thought possible.

The arrival of mobile and cloud-based employee portals has turned the employee-HR dynamic upside down. It’s no longer enough for HR offices simply to focus on coordinating people’s schedules and managing their payroll and benefits. These days, staff members have automated solutions at their fingertips that can do all of that for them. Instead, HR needs to evolve and find new ways to stay relevant in the modern workplace.  Read more

Getting serious about sleep deprivation

sleep health

by Estelle Morrison, Ceridian LifeWorks Vice President of Clinical and Wellness Services

Imagine the following scenario: Two colleagues, Sarah and Jeff, share an elevator ride up to their office. As Jeff rubs his eyes, he says, “I only got about five hours of sleep last night, and I’ve got back to back meetings… I’m exhausted just thinking about it…” Sarah makes a noise in agreement and responds “Five hours? Aren’t you lucky… I tossed and turned all night! I’m already on my third coffee.”

Sound familiar?  For most people sleep deprivation is seen as part and parcel of everyday life, particularly at a time where technology has enabled and expanded work day, dual career families are the norm and multi-tasking is an integral part of our existence. Secondly, and perhaps most frighteningly, sleep deprivation is so much a part of every day life, that in some instances people describe their ability to function without sleep like a badge of honor.
Read more

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