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How to hang on to your ideal candidates

Paul Sandusky – VP of Talent Acquisition, Ceridian

In today’s highly competitive, mobilized and ‘Uberized’ workforce landscape, there are many shifts taking place that require HR leaders to adjust their approach to talent acquisition and management. And while organizations face a handful of challenges and changes, one thing is for certain: Modern recruitment is largely candidate-driven.

Particularly in areas experiencing talent shortages, employers can’t afford to let quality candidates pass them by. Finding and onboarding professionals who are an ideal fit for the role and company is a top priority and necessity when it comes to maintaining high retention, engagement and productivity rates.  Read more

5 Qualities to Look For in New Hires

By Deb LaMere, VP of Employee Experience, Ceridian

The performance of your company hinges on your employees – so making sure you hire talented individuals while retaining your top performers should be an utmost priority. In this highly competitive job market, you need to make sure you are hiring the ideal candidate, not just for the position itself, but for your company as a whole. Your effectiveness in doing so plays a pivotal role in engagement levels, as well as retention rates.  Read more

3 interview tips to ensure new hire success

From retention to compliance, there were a number of trending topics on the Ceridian HCM Blog this year. For the rest of December, we will be revisiting 10 of our most popular blog posts of 2016. Enjoy!

Workforce management is easier when the right team is in place, which means that hiring leaders should have processes and policies in place to ensure they’re choosing the right candidates.

Hiring the right employees is important for numerous reasons. Making calls like this is crucial. It affects morale, culture and productivity. Not to mention the cost of replacing any given employee can be significant. Josh Bersin, of Bersin by Deloitte, wrote about the various challenges that face employers who find themselves with high turnover rates. Read more

Experiences, Not Things: How You Can Improve Employees’ Quality of Life When Increasing Pay Isn’t an Option

By John Whyte, Senior Manager, Dayforce Talent Management, Ceridian

2015 was the year Frozen entered our household.  Our twin girls got hooked on the movie and our family responded with appropriate Christmas presents, including a Frozen scooter and a Frozen karaoke machine.  While well intentioned, the novelty of these gifts inevitably wore off.  The scooter now sits dormant in our garage and the karaoke machine (blissfully) collects dust in our basement.

Four months ago we took a family road trip to Yellowstone National Park, and the girls have captivated us with tales of bison, geysers, and mountaintop vistas ever since.  The lesson?  The life experiences we give to our kids are much more valuable than the stuff we buy for them. Read more

10 HCM Trends to Watch For in 2017

From the gig economy to overtime compliance, many HCM-related trends made news in 2016. What will 2017 bring? We asked Ceridian thought leaders to share their predictions for what will be making headlines in the new year.

Employee Experience will continue to be #1

“We will see a heightened, needed focus on creating better employee experiences in the workplace.  While engagement and culture are two words we have been hearing for years, it’s now time to look at the entire experience of the employee and put as much emphasis on it as we do our customers. We need to think about the workplace as THE experience. This includes internal PR, our facilities, as well as our programs, technology and benefits. Our people want, no, deserve more.”

Lisa Sterling, Chief People Officer @lisamsterling

“Focus on the employee experience will increase in 2017.  The labor market is tightening as U.S. economic growth accelerates, creating a sellers’ market.  Employers will focus on real employee engagement to create a corporate culture that promotes the employee’s growth inside that organization.  Managers will have to evolve how to develop, reward and retain employees in an enjoyable working environment to compete effectively in the job market.”

Eric Schuster, VP, Product Management @ericschuster

“Recruiting and retaining top talent will continue to be a challenge and priority for leading organizations. This only heightens the importance of focusing on, building and marketing a great candidate and employee experience. Continuing to ensure candidates and employees have the best experience possible at work is critical to achieving high levels of engagement. At Ceridian, we will be even more committed to ensuring our brand vision, “Makes Work Life Better” is true for all of our customers and employees.”

Kristina Cleary, Chief Marketing Officer @KristinaCleary

More transparency for job seekers

“Transparency is going to be a theme for job seekers in 2017. They are approaching the job search process in the same way consumers do.  They want to see what it’s truly like to work at your company and not rely on a job description or career site.  Most importantly, they want to learn about your company’s culture on platforms that they are comfortable with (social and mobile).”

Maurice Fernandes, Manager, Employment Brand & HR Social Media @MoeRecruits

 Data will be used in more interesting ways

“Thanks to the tools available to them today, I believe we will continue to see an evolution of HR practitioners. I think 2017 will be the year where more and more HR professionals will be taking on analytical and storytelling roles and responsibilities. Real-time access to data and putting it in context for operations and unit leaders will enable us to be better business partners.”

Jayson Saba, VP, Market Research & Industry Relations @jaysonsaba

“I suspect we will see the continued importance placed on the integration of organizational culture, the engagement experience, and analytics.  The war on talent has intensified so that we can’t afford not to get the best and brightest, and today’s workers demand that their employer’s organizational culture aligns with their values and that their daily experience is optimal.  Employers will turn to the analytics of vast amounts of data to help measure and understand employee motivators, development needs, and engagement experiences.”

Kelly Allder, VP, People Programs @kallder04

The year of employment branding

“Employment branding gets a bigger focus, where HR staffers, management and employees at large widely embrace that they are organizational ambassadors every day. The idea that brand is focused on a product or service will be seen as passé, and the integration of vision, mission, employee experience AND whatever a company sells become the heart of brands.  The companies that embrace this will be the long term winners.”

Robert Mattson, VP, Content Marketing @HCMRob

A focus on employee development will be necessary for retention

“Within the People Organization, we continue to recognize the differing needs across generations. The great news for my team (the People Academy) is that millenials – the fastest growing demographic within the workplace – place a high value on training and development. According to Bersin by Deloitte’s ‘Future of Corporate Learning’, millennials report that T&D benefits outrank both flexible work schedules and cash bonuses!”

Lisa Bull, VP, Employee & Leadership Learning @LisaBull1

 “Developing skills, knowledge, and ability is not new. Developing emerging and high potential leaders is not new. Employees wanting development in order to further their career is not new.  What is new, and becoming critically important, is the unrealistic expectation that development happens quickly and a promotion immediately follows.  Also new is the expectation that organizations always have promotional roles ready to be filled at all times.  In short, what is new is the increased expectation, and reduced understanding and patience.  Adding patience and timing, to development and career pathing, will be critical in 2017 if organizations are to retain talent in our world that continue to set expectations that anyone can get whatever they want, whenever they want it.  Good things are still worth waiting for.”

Jay Greaves, VP, Sales Effectiveness @JayGreavesMSOD

 More retailers going mobile

“In 2017, retailers would benefit from taking a more holistic approach to advancing mobile capabilities across the enterprise — including capabilities for the workforce.  Associates who have the ability to manage their work-life balance, improve communication with co-workers and managers, while having real-time access to their pay and benefits via their smartphones are going to be more engaged with their employer.”

John Orr, SVP, Retail @john_orr

Leaders must be talent managers

“Every leader has to be a talent manager, and the core of this is building strong relationships with your team.  Leadership is all about relationships, and relationships are all about conversations that either build or destroy trust.  Get conversations right, and you’ll be a great leader.  Remember that the one asking the questions and listening is actually the one in control of the conversation.”

Ted Malley, Chief Customer Officer @tedmalley

Global data privacy more important then ever

“Cyber attacks continue to increase around the world, exposing the personal information of millions of global citizens.  As data breaches increase, governments are creating stricter legislation to attempt to protect citizens and corporations from misuse and criminal activity.  Given HCM’s heavy reliance on personally identifiable information (PII), it has become a corporate requirement to have a dedicated global data privacy leader and a flexible approach to protect your firm’s brand, customers, and employees.”

Aaron Hurst, VP, Global Partnerships and Solutions @aaronhurst14

 Year of the team

“2017 will be the Year of the Team. Small, nimble teams who will be linked and networked with others to iterate through work faster than ever before. Leadership conversations will increasingly pivot to reflect team composition and grassroots breakthroughs over leadership by title and innovation driven by the top-down. Technology discussions will align more to team outcomes as the road to a solution versus just the final solution itself.  Whether it is a growth, cost efficiency or innovation – teams will be central to the discussion.”

Eugene Peters, Director, Product Management

Employers will get more creative with benefits

“Employers will continue to find non-monetary ways to attract and retain top talent.  Flexible work arrangements, creative holiday scheduling, and chances to give back to the community are among the growing wave of opportunities for families to find work-life balance while feeling a greater sense of contribution to society.  This trend will only accelerate as millennials become the predominant generation in the workforce.”

John Whyte, Sr. Product Manager, Dayforce Talent Management @john_a_whyte

A Gamer’s Guide to Retaining Millennials

From retention to compliance, there were a number of trending topics on the Ceridian HCM Blog this year. For the rest of December, we will be revisiting 10 of our most popular blog posts of 2016. Enjoy!

By Andrew Shopsowitz, Manager of Product Management, Ceridian

One of the biggest challenges that employers consistently talk about when it comes to managing millennials is low retention; all too often I’ve heard this voiced as, “millennials just have no loyalty to anything or anyone.”  So how is it that video game producers have kept so many of us playing the same game franchises for years (sometimes lifetimes) with levels of devotion that can border on fanaticism? I argue that the challenge in retaining millennials has nothing to do with a lack of loyalty, but rather, the challenge comes from inherently different expectations of their workplace. Read more

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