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Preventing stress in the workplace [Part 2]

stress 9As we covered in the last blog post on understanding stress in the workplace, there are a lot of different factors that contribute to stress. But the positive news for employers is that there are just as many ways for HCM professionals to fix and prevent it.

The Society for Human Resource Management indicated that when companies have made it a point to adjust policies in a way that affects stress levels, they have often seen myriad benefits. In addition to higher retention and job satisfaction rates, they also experienced significantly lower chronic work stress levels. How did they do it? Read more

Understanding stress in the workplace [Part 1]

employee stressThe workplace looks a lot different today than it did only a few years ago. In many ways, it is much better – and healthier. Companies continue to adopt a more lenient and accommodating approach to corporate culture. The wave of tech start-ups has inspired a more lax dress code, workforce-related inequality issues are finally being addressed and the rapid proliferation of mobile devices makes telecommuting easier. Read more

Love Your Swagger!

Kristina ClearyBy Kristina Cleary, Chief Marketing Officer, Ceridian

Another tradeshow is coming down the pipe; seeing the event date looming, as a marketer you can’t help but feel the stress rising as you think through how you are going to once again drive traffic to your booth, deliver the promised leads required to fill your pipeline commitments, and generate brand awareness in an expo hall filled with countless vendor booths.  In looking through a marketer’s bag of tricks, the question always becomes: how to balance giveaways (aka SWAG), promotions, and entertainment with the differentiating messages and business benefits you must deliver to the event’s target market. Read more

3 tips for encouraging workplace flexibility while maintaining productivity

teleworkThe typical human resources executive spends most of his day focused on improving employee retention and productivity, but the challenge is that sometimes those two distinct goals come into competition with one another. What do you do when you need to manage in a certain way to keep the workforce productive, but that same strategy is disengaging people and leading them to quit? Read more

Is employee engagement your No. 1 challenge? 5 other things to keep in mind

coworkersIn most offices, talent management leaders have zoomed in on employee retention and productivity as crucial goals for both their short- and long-term needs. In an effort to put together a hardworking staff that’s built to last, companies have put a great deal of emphasis on engagement, and rightfully so. Engaged employees tend to stay in their positions longer and achieve more than their disengaged counterparts. But is engagement the only thing that matters? Read more

5 sessions I’m excited to attend at #SHRM16

SHRM imageBy Deb LaMere, VP of Employee Engagement, Ceridian

The Society for Human Resource Management’s annual conference and exposition is coming this June, and there are more reasons to be excited than I can count. #SHRM16 is the largest human resource event in the world, and there is so much this year’s conference is set to cover. Brand new business strategies, federal and even global compliance and talent management are a few of the things I’m looking forward to learning about this year. Read more

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