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Are you maximizing your most important talent acquisition tool?

Maurice Fernandes – Employment Brand Manager, Ceridian

As an HR/recruitment professional, you spend a lot of time, energy, and money trying to attract the right talent to your organization. But are you paying enough attention to what, in my opinion, is the most powerful attraction tool in your kit; your organization’s employment brand? A recent study from Glassdoor found that a strong employer brand not only attracted more applicants but those applicants would consider a job offer with a lower salary.

In the past, companies were able to craft their own employer brand messaging and present it behind closed doors during the interview process. The Internet has given job seekers access to an unprecedented amount of information. This means that often times job seekers have already made up their mind about a company before speaking to a Recruiter/HR or Hiring Manager.

How does this affect HR/recruitment teams? What can they do to turn this risk into a benefit? Read more

Top 5 skills that will be in high demand through 2020

leadershipHuman resource professionals are charged with ensuring their company’s talent meets the needs of the organization. The landscape of recruitment is changing, though. Automated processes, machine learning and digital technologies are causing a shift in the type of qualities employers are looking for in professionals today. As technology continues to advance and computers become more capable of performing job tasks and functions needed in the workplace, it is going to continue to change the expectations and responsibilities of human workers. Read more

Hiring mistakes will happen. Correct them early.

By Paul Sandusky, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Ceridian

Whether you’re in Talent Acquisition or a business unit leader, if you work for a growing company you’re going to hire a lot of people. If you have a good recruiting process most of the hires will be strong. But you will make some mistakes. It is simply inevitable. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Do two things: one, learn from your mistakes so you don’t make them again, and two, correct your mistakes early. Today I’d like to talk about the latter because my experience is that this is the tougher of the two. Read more

#CeridianINSIGHTS Offers Executive Tips for Thriving in the Changing World of HR

The intricacies of HR – from compliance to employee engagement to workforce management – do not make it easy to be an HR leader. To help ease this burden, Ceridian hosted an Executive Experience session at #CeridianINSIGHTS, offering attendees expert advice on how to survive and thrive in the ever-changing world of HR. Read more

Quality of Hire Means Something, Here’s Why

offboardingBy Maren Hogan, Founder and CEO of Red Branch Media

Quality of Hire didn’t use to be a recruiting measurement. Far from it! Even just ten years ago, the goal for recruiters and even their emerging brethren was to make sure that people met the job requirements. Terms like “cultural fit” were on the fringe and those who wanted recruiters to answer for retention, may potentially get an earful. Back then, we all decided collectively, that recruiting was responsible for bringing the people to the party but it was up to hiring managers, HR professionals and line managers to keep people dancing. Read more

4 things Talent Acquisition departments can do to help retain talent long-term

By Paul Sandusky, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Ceridian

I have been in Talent Acquisition for nearly two years now but have spent most of my twenty year career in enterprise software in operations running implementation, support, and development teams.  So I know a thing or two about the importance of employee retention and now more than ever I understand Talent Acquisition’s role in helping companies keep their people long term.   Read more

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